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Learning Made Easy

Our courses are based on the Wisconsin State Standards and taught by certified teachers who provide age-appropriate instruction and 1:1 support. Our online curriculum provides real-life applications and activities, which enables your child to develop independence as he or she progresses through each lesson.

Sample Learning Activities & Weekly Commitment

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anatomy and physiology
US History

Amount of Time


3-4 hours a day, five days a week 
 study times and places that work best for you

Computer-based Learning

student working from home


Number of Assignments

2-4 per core course

Hands on Learning

hands on learning


Parent Expectations:

AVA values parents as partners. Although AVA teachers deliver regular instruction, parents are an integral part in their student’s education. Teachers are also available for personalized, one-on-one instruction throughout the week as needed, however students may require additional parental supervision and support in course navigation and proceeding through coursework. It is important for the parent to ensure their child is completing his/her own work so teachers know how to provide additional learning support.
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