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Grading, Assessment and Graduation Requirements

Assessment Strategies

The following are some of the assessment strategies utilized in online courses:

  1. Critical thinking (essays, reports, reflective journals)
  2. Problem solving (multimedia or text-based scenarios, simulations in using web-conferencing)
  3. Demonstrations (web-conferencing, verification by workplace mentor, site monitor)
  4. Self-management (journal, autobiography, portfolio, learning contract)
  5. Information access/management (database development, bibliography, problem solving)
  6. Exams and quizzes (web-conferencing proctors, written exam with local proctors, quick feedback through multiple choice, true/false matching, short answer tests)
  7. Designing (portfolios, projects using video or the Web)
  8. Communicating (debate, role play, Google Slides presentation, report journal, essay)
  9. Teamwork and collaboration (e-mail, text, phone calls or web-conferencing discussions/debates)

Students are required to participate in the following local, state and federal assessments:

  • STAR testing
  • Aspire
  • Forward
  • ACT
  • ELA


Grades and Grading Systems

Assignments are graded just like they are in a face-to-face course. Some assignments are graded automatically within the course and the online teacher grades some. The student will receive comments from the teacher on completed assignments. There is a gradebook within the course for the student or parent to check on student progress/grades at any time.

When accepting grades from other vendors/schools, the teacher of the course will assign the actual letter grade, based on the course grading scale. Under extenuating circumstances, the grade may be reviewed and changed by the Mentor/Teacher. The parent or student may appeal the Mentor/Teacher’s decision to the principal and, if necessary, to the ARISE Virtual Academy Board of Education.

(Aligned to School District of Janesville Board Policy 6810 and Administrative Regulation 6810.1)

The School District of Janesville Virtual Academy will evaluate student achievement in all cases in order to:

  1. Promote a process of continuous evaluation of student performance,
  2. Inform the student and his/her parent(s) or guardian(s) of the student’s progress, and
  3. Provide a basis for bringing about change in student performance if such change is deemed necessary.

Specific grading systems shall be developed by the administration and staff. The School District of Janesville ARISE Virtual Academy shall not discriminate in the methods, practices, and materials used for evaluating students on the basis of sex, race, religion, national origin, ancestry, creed, pregnancy, marital or parental status, sexual orientation, or physical, mental, emotional, or learning disability. Discrimination complaints shall be processed in accordance with established procedures.

REF: State Statute 118.13
State Statute 120.12(2)
State Statute 120.44
State Administrative Code PI 9.03(1)
CROSS REF: Administrative Regulation 5020.1, Discrimination Complaint Procedures Board Policy 6463, Honor Programs


Grade GPA Range
A 4.0 92-100
A- 3.67 90-91
B+ 3.33 88-89
B 3.0 82-87
B- 2.67 80-81
C+ 2.33 78-79
C 2.0 72-77
C- 1.67 70-71
D+ 1.33 68-69
D 1.0 62-67
D- .67 60-61
P* 0 (Pass)
F 0 (Fail)

Each course shall be assigned one of the following performance designations based on the academic or skill attainment demanded by the course.

  • Advance (AP) – College Curriculum
  • Honors – Very Demanding
  • All Other Classes – Normal High School Demand/Expectations

The opportunity for honors courses shall be available if the course meets the established criteria. Honor course designation will be made through established curriculum review procedures involving the consortium and Board of Education.

arise graduating class of 2020

Graduation Requirements

A direct path to earning your diploma is a great choice for a lot of different learners. For motivated students, especially those who are already employed, it can streamline your school experience. Others just want to keep their options open. There are many options. Many ARISE graduates will go on to college, tech schools, the military or directly into the world of work. Your diploma will open many doors for your future.

To graduate, students must earn a total of 26.5 credits in eight specific subject areas:


Courses Credits
English   4.0
Math    3.0

1.0 Physical

1.0 Bio/Life

1.0 Add'l Science credit

Social Studies   3.0
Freshman Seminar   0.5
Physical Education   1.5
Health Applications   0.5
Personal Finance   0.5
Electives 10.5
TOTAL 26.5

Transfer Completed Credits from Other Schools

Educational credits earned for schoolwork you completed elsewhere can be applied to your ARISE education (and can bring you that much closer to graduation).

Students who wish to transfer credits into the ARISE Virtual Academy based on homeschool work, portfolios or coursework completed at a non-accredited institution or other nontraditional program may petition the school to accept credits. All requests are subject to an administrative review for approval.