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College and Career Prep

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College Preparation

College prep can begin as soon as you do. Your mentor will help you choose the right courses based on your goals and interests. They'll even be there when it's time to apply for college. Together you can create a college wish list, target specific schools, review their admissions policies and even look into options for financial aid.

Our online program is widely respected, and the School District of Janesville has been nationally recognized. That means a transcript from the ARISE Virtual Academy is as transferable—and as widely accepted—as a transcript from any traditional high school in Wisconsin. With your diploma will come required records for the college application process, including valid transcripts, SAT/ACT scores and instructor recommendations.

We are among Wisconsin's best schools. So you'll graduate with a diploma that can take you anywhere: Wisconsin state universities, private institutions, leading technical and vocational programs, and Ivy League colleges throughout the nation.

Disclaimer: ARISE Virtual Academy course offerings are at the discretion of the School District of Janesville. Availability is not guaranteed, and offerings may change over time as we assess the needs of our student body.

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Career Preparation

Let's Go to Work

We believe that students do better in school when learning relates to their interests. Learning should be useful. That's what we offer our career-minded students. ARISE Virtual Academy students can take a variety of vocational courses specifically designed to help them prepare for—and eventually get—the career of their dreams. You don't have to know exactly what you want to do for a career right now, just focus on what interests you. We will provide you enriching learning experiences to match your interests.

Career Crusing

ARISE Virtual Academy uses Career Cruising software to help our students form their interests into career paths. Everyone has a career dream. Using Career Cruising you can help those dreams come to life, by exploring careers using real-world career information. We know that when inspired people with personal ambition are equipped with knowledge and information to help define their goals and shape their future, they are empowered to achieve their full potential.