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How It Works

It's about flexibility for the life you have now and preparing for the one you want tomorrow. ARISE Virtual Academy gives students a solid academic foundation and a real plan for their future. We offer an environment that encourages and engages you, helping you to succeed.

We offer accommodations for students with special needs, advanced placement courses and honors programs for middle and high school students who need the extra challenge. Our mentors carefully place each student according to their academic strengths and then help them build an individualized learning plan based on their goals and interests.

There are many reasons to consider an online education, including a learning atmosphere of your own design. You will have the flexibility to work around life, whether it is for your job, medical needs, or other reasons like individualized attention, challenging coursework and unique career prep offerings.

AVA Full Time

A full-time online public school

  • Enroll as a student taking all subjects
  • Follow a fixed school year schedule from August-June (daily attendance required)
  • Start at the beginning of the semester with spring and fall enrollment periods
  • Take all courses online with AVA (state testing required)
  • Participate in Class Time (teacher-directed instruction)
  • Meet teachers and classmates through clubs, activities, and events
  • Receive official report cards as student’s school of record

AVA can provide course options for homeschool and private school families as well -- call (608) 743-6016 for details.

how to enroll

How to Enroll