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ARISE and Shine Newsletter

ARISE and Shine is a student written and edited newsletter.  Going beyond just the typical updates, ARISE and Shine give study tips successful students use, explores the ARISE school community from the student's point of view and gives students a platform to exhibit their original artwork, poetry and short stories.  Student's interested in submitting original work can email Mrs. Fisher.    

ADA Compliant Newsletters

September 2018

ARISE And Shine

September 26, 2018

Welcome new and returning Students and Parents to our first issue for the 2018-19 school year. ARISE and Shine is YOUR place to exhibit your original
artwork, stories, poems, songs, or anything else creative. Delivered to you by email, classroom and the ARISE Virtual Academy’s home page, ARISE and Shine is your ticket to information about our lab, dates to remember, teachers, field trips and everything else ARISE. Join us this year in welcoming our teachers, new student staff, help us discover where Superintendent Pophal has been, and watch for exciting contests and new features.


EXPLORATION 1PM in lab Contact Mrs. Katzke if interested
● Wednesday through Friday October 24-26 2018 CONFERENCES, LAB CLOSED!!!!

Dear Travus…….

The following advice column is meant for students and answered by students with the assistance of the school social worker. For any emergencies please talk with your parents, teachers, or
social worker directly. An emergency would be anything that could result in someone being physically harmed. Dear Travus can be reached by emailing Travus at:

Dear Travus;
I like this guy but he doesn’t like me back. What do I do?
Lonely Heart

Dear Lonely Heart;
If you want to have a boyfriend it’s better to start with friendship.

Dear Travus;
My friend and I are having a disagreement, and I think it's affecting our friendship. What should I do?

Dear Confused;
I have had a similar situation. I tried to talk it out, but the person wasn’t willing at the time. I would suggest give the person time to cool off. Hopefully they will eventually want to talk about it with you. If this is a recurring situation, you may want to reconsider being their friend.

Dear Travus;
I need help beating my brother at Dungeons and Dragons.
Dark Elf

Dear Dark Elf;
I think if you tame Acnologia from fairytail you could win.

Mr. Schraedley’s Math Riddle of the month...

An unscrupulous retail store owner starts a
new policy. In his words, "I increase the price by 50% and then mark all my items 50% off so that they just cost the normal price." Is this store owner making sound business sense? 

Gallup Poll is now up for all students to take.
Go to our homepage (
Click on Gallup Poll and take.

Please send your student submissions of original art, music, poetry or prose to

ARISE Virtual Academy participates in Box
Tops for Education. Drop off your box tops
to Mrs. Fisher!

Keep an eye out for your Scholastic Book Order forms...we email them to all students on the 1st of the month. Order online, pick up in lab.

October 2018

It’s our first Issue! by The ARISE and Shine Staff on October 24th 2018

Hi everyone! Welcome to the ARISE newsletter. Some of us are here for credits, some are here for fun, and some are here because they want to. We’re all here to give you the news of the school. We’re all super excited to be sharing the news with you! Remember to ask TRAVUS for any advice. In this issue, we want to introduce you to our new staff, our new columns, and our vision for the newsletter.. Lastly, we have some helpful study tips from those of us who have been attending online school for a while. Just curl up in your comfy chair (if you have one) and enjoy the New ARISE and Shine Newsletter!

Dates to Remember

  • 10/23: Industry Days
  • 10/24-26 Lab Closed

Meet the ARISE and Shine Staff by ARISE and Shine Staff

on October 26, 2018

My name is Victoria Marie Bell I’m an eighth grader here at Arise Virtual Academy. I have been to Arise for two years now and am here because I was miserable at my old school. I am a complete dork and like to perform in front of my bedroom mirror. I also like to write books and scripts. I have two sisters and one brother, I also have a chihuahua named Oliver and a beagle named Trixie, then I have two cats one is named Midnight, the other is a male and his name is Chloe. I have a bad habit of biting my nails. That is it I’m not a very interesting person.

My name is Toryn Swartout, I am 13 years old and live in Janesville Wisconsin. I have 3 sisters named Daily, Sarah, and Alicia, and I have 6 cats, 2 at my dad house and 4 for my mom. They are named, Willow, Raven, and Cosmo my dad’s cats are named Casey and Scotty. I also have over ten fish. I am in 8th grade and take orchestra. I play the viola, and I also know Latin, Chinese and a bit of Spanish. I love science and dinosaurs I also love a lot of prehistory life before man. My favorite things to do are read, play games like Pokemon or Zelda, be in the outdoors, and watch youtube. Also, love science fiction, like Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Percy Jackson, and The Olympians. I have watched all the pokemon movies and most of the episodes.

Hello, my name is Cordell Purdy and I am in the eighth grade. This is my third year at Arise and my most enjoyable year of school to date. I chose to go to Arise after I got bullied at my other school, Some of my hobbies include reading and puzzles. I am really interested in History and Math. Sometimes I do really book reports in depth about a topic I like. I am also a Boy Scout of Troop 108, out of Brodhead, Wisconsin. Those are the main highlights of my life at this time.

Hi, my name is Reid Kuelz. I am 13 years old and in 8th Grade, and go to ARISE. My life began on December 30th, 2004, and I was a fat baby. Moving on, a bit later, my whole life would change. On April 28th, 2007, I was diagnosed with autism, and I don’t really notice it at all. I came to ARISE in January of 2018, and I absolutely love it here. I never plan on moving schools again. I joined the newsletter by being invited. So this is my story!

Hi, my name is Ariana Dearduff, I prefer to go by Ari, I am a senior at Arise. This is my first semester at Arise, and I do enjoy it more than regular school. I am in Arise because I moved in with my grandparents here, from Indiana over the summer. I decided I didn’t want to go to another public school, so my Grandma found me the best online school here in Janesville. My boyfriend and I have two rescues, a fat grouchy cat named Fluffy and psycho husky named Link. I enjoy kayaking and binge-watching Netflix. I have seriously binge-watched The Office three times in a row.

I’m Nick Wagner, I’m 14 in 9th grade. Wisconsin is my city and it always has been. I’ve always been in a virtual school, but this year I’m going to Arise. I was previously in Connections academy, which had a similar layout, but I switched to this school for the better opportunities and in depth career learning. I plan on becoming a carpenter, I have some friends who are carpenters and most of the shelves and stands in my room were made and cut by me. My main hobby is video games, primarily for ps4. I play primarily anything open world, but I really enjoy Star Wars Battlefront II from 2005 and 2017. I also like video and photo editing, so I make videos on youtube for fun in my free time.

My name is Alex and I went to Arise Virtual Academy because the Normal school's not working out for me after I joined I got better grades and all the teachers were nice. I enjoyed arise because I liked working on my computer at my own pace. I have many hobbies but one of them is computers and Technology. I'm interested in things like Linux Windows, not Apple. I also build computers experiments with old computers and much more is computer hardware. I also run virtual machines and install operating systems on Old hard drives to make them in better use. So yeah that's me and why I go to arise and what my hobbies are.

Houston Clanton is a 7th grader here at ARISE. He plays football for Franklin and has recently joined the ARISE and Shine Staff.

Rachel is a Sophomore at ARISE, she can often be heard singing and playing her Ukulele in the lab. Rachel enjoys anime.

ARISE now participates in Scholastic Book Club

by Mrs. Fisher

We are pleased to announce we have joined the Scholastic Book Club. Scholastic books not only has the books our elementary kids love, but also has a large selection of Young Adult and Adult books for sale, and as always, ordering books through Scholastic helps ARISE get new books for our school! Check out our link and order online, we will let you know when your books arrive. Use Class Code RXXMX to order. Orders are due October 30th. Check out some amazing books!

Where is the world is Superintendent Pophal?

Help us discover which school in the district Superintendent Pophal has visited in the last month. Each month our Superintendent will send us selfies as he visits local schools. Use clues in the pictures to discover his whereabouts. Send your guesses to

Field Trip to JSOL.

By ARISE and Shine Staff

The ARISE Virtual Academy went to the Janesville Outdoor Lab (JSOL) on October 16th. We had over 50 students attend. We explored many areas, including Dead Manś hill, the log cabin, the creek and a prairie field. Teachers held lessons at each of the areas. We tried fishing for crawfish, build a teepee out of branches and explored the loft of the log cabin. The log cabin was moved to JSOL from Central Wisconsin. It used to house a family of 11. When it was moved, students from Janesville schools brought rocks to complete the working fireplace. The cabin was completed in 2000. It now hold samples of the tools that were used by pioneers. The creek was high and flooded, the water was rushing and was really clear. The sun created an amazing reflection. We were not able to see a lot of fish, but we saw a lot of sand and were able to skip rocks and saw fossils in the rocks by the creek. Mr. Schraedley knows a lot about fossils. Our hiking portion was run by Mr. Schraedley and Mrs. Rundle. They had a challenge for all the students, survive Dead Manś HIll. After finally making it up and down the steep hill, we found a garter snake by the cabin and discovered another fossil by the cabin in the rocks. While some of the students were taking part in a scavenger hunt, some of us were in the lodge doing arts and crafts while others built a teepee in the field outside the lodge. When the day was over, we got back in the bus and headed back to the lab.

Dear Travus:

The following advice column is meant for students and answered by students with the assistance of the school social worker. For any emergencies please talk with your parents, teachers, or social worker directly. An emergency would be anything that could result in someone being physically harmed.

Dear Travus can be reached by emailing Travus at

Dear Travus, I started going to ARISE because I was really bullied at my old school. It was so bad, I started faking sick every day not to go to class. Finally, my parents decided to let me go to ARISE> Now I am afraid to come into the lab to get help even though I am having trouble with my classes. I keep thinking about how hard school was before and I just don't want to risk being bullied again. My mom thinks I should go to the lab to get help. How can I get my mom to understand that I can't go? Scared of School

Dear Scared of School; I know this is hard to believe but no one at this school is mean. Would you be willing to come in and see the lab with your mom? If you and your mom decide that it's not a good environment you can work from home with your teachers through VIDEO chat, text messages, email, and phone calls. Travus

Dear Travus; I am having trouble with a classmate. How do I politely ask him/her to change some of his behaviors? Grumpy Soul

Dear Grumpy; It is always hard to have someone in your class who irritates you. I would ask yourself why do you think your classmate behaves the way he/she does? Could it be attention? Could it be something this person really can't control? Or does that person really not understand how their behavior impacts others? Once you figure that out you can develop a solution. Here are some possibilities; 1. Get to know the person and try to find out why they behave the way they do. 2. Ignore their irritating behaviors. 3. Say to the student one on one (not in front of others) "I'm not sure why you say/do the things you do but I think we would get along better if you could change the following behavior______." Travus


Victoria: When taking notes I would suggest writing what lesson each set of notes are for. This way if you are taking a test that covers all lessons you will find the notes you need easier. For example say you are taking a unit test and you need notes for lesson five because you labeled the lesson you can find all your notes for lesson five.

Toryn: Reading the lessons and taking notes helps me with studying for classes. Like with remembering important stuff like equations for math or vocabulary for language. I take notes by making a dot at the beginning of what i am writing about in my notes, and what I do is I write what it is and then what it does for math and science. And the benefit for it is that I don't need to remember all the notes I can just look at a piece of paper, and my notes can tell me for stuff like chinese or math, and science.

Alex:If you don't know something just look it up how do you do that go to add a new tab go to Google and type in your question and then use your brain and think to find the answer on the links they provide in the search results. Wikipedia's one website you should avoid, the reason why you should avoid Wikipedia is that anyone can edit it and sometimes the information is not accurate.Finding a reliable website and also mean finally you can pay pending for having like or. Gov usually those are more reliable sources. Also Edu can also be very helpful and reliable unlike Wikipedia.

Nick: The best study tip for me is looking back at all the past mistakes that I have made, whether it would be in a quiz, and exam, or a writing assignment. Most of the time, things that you do in quizzes, exams and assignments will likely be brought up again. If you were to get something wrong, or even something right, it is best to write it down in your notes so you can look at it later. If that topic does come up again, you can simply look back at your notes and see how and why you got it right or wrong, so then you don’t have to make the same mistake twice or even once.

Reid: Hello, my name is Reid Kuelz, and I am here for some study tips. First of all, any kind of study tips will vary depending on each class. However, I will give out a few. In math strats, what I would recommend is to take your time, do backwards decoding (Which is a term I just coined. Trademark pending). In Civics, you should do some research on the lesson and take your time during the assignment. In Language Arts, which I think is the second easiest class, you should read the lesson carefully, and take your time. In pre algebra, which I think is the hardest class ever, I would recommend just taking it easy, and take as much time as possible. In conclusion, these are some of my tips for class.

Cordell: Something that you can do is take notes. People should take notes because of a lot of reasons. First it registers the information into your brain. Second, it allows you to have info from the lesson ready for the test. The way people can do this is by putting down important things from the lessons. Some things would be places, people, events, and vocabulary. A way that you can takes notes is by having the vocabulary on one side of the paper and the definition on the other. This helps your notes to be more organized throughout the school year.

Ari: My study tip is to use different colors. When you use different colors the brain will remember the parts easier, because it will remember the color with the fact. Using different colors will also make your notes more fun, so you will enjoy notes more. Having colorful notes will also help make you more creative. I use many different colored pens, but my favorite color pen to use is blue. I think finding a color that helps you remember your notes is good for you. Adding colors to your notes makes your notes more creative, and will help you remember facts.


Rock band Tool´s final album as of 2018, called 10,000 Days, was released in 2006. It contains eleven songs with a runtime of almost seventy-six minutes. The songs seem to prove as progressive and epic, with the main runtime of songs being over six minutes, with two songs alone lasting over eleven minutes. All of the songs are very good and very long, and contains many cryptic lyrics. I would give the album a 4.5/5.

Halloween Mythology

with Victoria

Vampires they are known everywhere and yeah I know vampires for Halloween so original but bare with me here. When it comes to the english vampire we have used the word since 1734 but it wasn’t until Bram stoker released his novel Dracula in 1897 that they became… I guess the word would be domesticated. Vampires though come from all over the world and with each place there is a different way people believe they can protect themselves. The typical weaknesses are garlic, sunlight, and of course it wouldn't be a good vampire tale without a wooden stake, in some countries believe it or not on Halloween night the time with the most demons and ghouls you can imagine some people put garlic outside their door to keep away “unwanted guest”. That’s all for this spooky tale join me in the next article or don’t that's your choice.

Ari’s Movie Corner

Toy Story is a 1995 animated film, released by Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar on November 22nd. The film is amazing, and definitely in the top five best animated films of all time. The movie is notable for being the first full-length computer animated film ever made. The story and writing seems awesome, and you can tell that they took a while making this. It actually had been in the works since the beginning of the 90’s. I highly recommend watching this movie, it will be an amazing experience. Rating: 10/10

Math Fun with Mr. Schraedley

You weigh 100 pounds. You're on a loop of a roller coaster and the centrifugal force is large enough that you feel "normal" weight pushing you into your seat when you are fully upside down. At that speed, how much would it feel like you weight at the bottom of the loop (when you're right-side-up)? Send your answer to

More fun with Mr. Schraedley and Mrs. Katzke!!!

ATTENTION 7th -12th you like board games? ARISE Virtual Academy is forming a board game club Wednesdays beginning November 7th. The club will meet in the lab from 4-5pm. Mr. Schraedley and Mrs. Katzke have tons of amazing games to play. If you want to bring your own game to share, make sure to contact Mrs. Katzke at or Mr Schraedley at for game approval!

Staff and Student Interviews

I’m Nick and I’m doing interviews for the lab this year. This time I got to interview the teachers to see their spin on how the students can improve. In all, there were many great answers, most directed improving towards coming in and asking help from any of the teacher. I asked this question: Do you have any suggestions or observation on how the students could be doing better?

Mr. Gaffey: “Students need to stay in constant contact contact with their teachers, let them know if they are having any problems or issues that will affect their work. Take care of your retries right away.”

Marilyn: “For some students, less socializing would probably help them get more work done.”

Mrs. Katzke: “The student who come in the lab do better, students who know how to take notes. Those who are able to organize and setting a work schedule”

Mr. Schraedley: “Ask for help as soon as you need it. Also, students who spend more times in the lectures reviewing the material tend to do better. I recommend a minimum of 30 minute per class per day. ”

Mrs. Fisher: “Take more notes, ask for help if you need it. Being successful takes a different kind of work, but it’s the only time you're really in control.”

Dr. Parr: “Consistency, those who do work every day tend to do better than a student that works whenever they find time.”

Mr. Lee: “They need to come in more, I have found that the students who come in more have more success. They are able to make that personal connection with their teacher.”

Mrs. Metcalf: “Students need to work on their classes the very first thing they do in their day. Don’t put off doing your work until later.”



(Verse 1) I want to find the meaning The meaning of life We cannot bear to find my time I will mess up everything I see And in my life, I will find The dreams in my life Something is lost inside I’m losing all sense of control We have no meaning on Earth Losing time in our life Our time is gone, and our world is falling down So I might be going crazy

(Verse 2) No one can find my mind I’m drowning in a sea of sorrow We want to find the answers And I will never find a way home I have no reason to exist No reason to believe Something is my life And something is my past I will find a way out, and go away The lies we all tell each other I want to believe in your life But I will never begin to believe

(Chorus) Lost in a spiral, a spiral of time Choosing my life will be tough But everything must come to an end sometime.  Something is turning around It’s inside my brain, and I will never find the meaning of life

(Verse 3) I will never find a deeper life We begin to sink the ship Deeper lies sink in my body And something begins to fade When a world starts to pass away I lie to the gods, and I speak to you You are the one who will help me I make the big decisions Like the first cut in my mind It will always fall apart My body begins to spiral around you And it begins to collapse on the inside

(Bridge) Waiting for a sign, waiting for a way home Something to give, nothing to say Wanting a way out, never going home Telling every lie in the world, burning away

(Chorus) Lost in a spiral, a spiral of time Choosing my life will be tough But everything must come to an end sometime Something is turning around.  It’s inside my brain, and I will never find the meaning of life

(Verse 4) I begin to find, my own infinite mind Swinging on the ladder of day and night Beginning to collapse my mind Something is lost inside of me Beginning to spiral Losing all sense of my control Finding a way out of this loophole Losing all sense of my control Beginning, beginning to find a way home With my feet falling on the ground I begin to fall all the way down Finding an introspective mind Losing the war, winning the fight Beginning to shatter my mind This lie will never be told You may see something you have never seen Losing a beginning life, and ending a day You may see something you have never seen I live in a world of injustice Inside the infinite loophole Losing sense of control Break all illusions Breaking your mind Finding a shattered window inside I will begin to find a day where the world fades to nothing at all

By Reid Kuelz

Send your submissions of original art, music, poetry or prose to

Don't forget to vote for Keeanu Benton from Janesville Craig! He won the first round of voting and is on to Round 2. Here is the website: You can vote 1 time per device. So, you can vote on your school computer, your phone and your home computer! Let’s help him get into the game! Keeanu is a really nice kid - this would be awesome for him! He has been recruited to play at Wisconsin next year!


November 2018

Last month October was very fun we did a couple field trips, one to JSOL which is like a nature reserve for wildlife, and a lot of the 8th graders went to a trip called Industry Day where they got to look at jobs that they may want to do in the future. There was two groups that were in ARISE, one went to look a jobs to do with art of different types and the other they got to look at jobs to do with education and human services. Here are some of the descriptions from people that went to industry day.

Reid: What I enjoyed on Industry Days was that we got to learn how essentials go through the process of being made, and at JAX Printing, we learned how those circles on envelopes are made, and we got to use the cutter. At Bliss Communications, we learned how newspapers are made, and we went through the process. I enjoyed learning how they go through the printing process. Finally, at the Taxidermy House, we learned how people stuff animals. They use mannequin-like figures to put in the dead animals, and they showed us how to do that. In conclusion, I highly enjoyed The Industry Days field trip.

Toryn:  My time at industry day was ok we mostly saw printers. We first went to jax printing company and saw giant printers, and then we went  the gazette building and saw giant printers the size of the building and they had giant ink tanks and big rolls of paper. Finally we went to a taxidermy place were they stuffed a lot of animals some were roadkill and some were hunted.

Victoria:  On Tuesday, October 23, 2018 Arise 8th graders did Industry day where we went to different companies to get an idea of what we want to be when we get older. My group went to two daycare centers and Tricoci Beauty School. At Tricoci Beauty School we got a demonstration on special effects makeup involving wounds and injuries. Some people got “Hurt” the students at Tricoci are extremely talented and did an amazing job using latex, paint, and other tools to make it look like we had injuries.

Important Dates to Remember

  1. Virtual Field trip to London to explore Globe Theater and  Shakespeare: See the Email sent to you from Dr. Parr on November 2, 2018.

  2. Thanksgiving Break: Lab will be closed on November 21, 22 and 23.  We will reopen on November 26.

  3. Field Trip to the State Capital December 4, 2018.  All names must be turned in and fees paid by November 25th. See Mrs. Rundle for details.

  4. Field Trip to the Rock County Job Center for a Career Fair Friday December 8th from 10-12:30.  Open to all Full time students in ARISE.

  5. Last year during Christmas, we had a big part and watched the Polar Express, and some people brought cookies.  There was also some pizza, and the little kids brought blankets to watch the movie. This year, we will also be having a party on December 21st and you are invited to it, you may also be able to bring snacks for everyone.  Please look for more info in next month’s Newsletter!



Music Corner by Reid

The second studio album by industrial rock project Nine Inch Nails was released on March 8th, 1994, and it is a concept album telling the story of a unnamed protagonist who goes through a downward spiral filled with society, disease, nihilism, and, at the very end, his own death. Many of the 14 songs feature harsh noise and few traditional song structures, and throughout the album’s 65 minute runtime, themes of self-control and hatred run rampant. Another thing to note, the album is also semi-autobiographical, seeing as front man Trent Reznor has actually gone through some of this. The album includes the hit single, “Closer”, and the song’s music video received frequent airplay by MTV, despite it being heavily censored, because MTV said the original was too graphic. Otherwise, in the very end, The Downward Spiral, one of my favorite albums, gets a 5/5.

Game Club

Mr. Schraedley’s thoughts on the game club are that it is an opportunity to play games, socialize, and have fun. Students do not have to bring games for the first two or three sessions. He wants it to be fair and fun, and if it’s not fair, some students will not have fun. The members can bring their own games later on in time, and it serves as a great way to bridge between playing games and to socialize, and meet new friends. He brought Pandemic, Spyfall, Battlesheep, Splendor, and City Squares for the first session. His ultimate goal for it is for the students to run the club on our own. The club is looking for strategy and role playing games.  The club meets every Wednesday from 4-5 PM.


Gamers Corner By Toryn and Nick

We will be covering the hot topics of gaming, everything from Graphics to the hottest new games or the newest tech. Most people play video games for Fun, and some play for learning. Most people that do play games for learning matters are people with a learning disability, but games can help with cognitive abilities like ADD or ADHD. Minecraft helps with memory and strategic building. Most people that play games play for fun do it to get away from the world. Kids can be themselves because they are able to be someone entirely different.


Halloween Party

The Halloween Party was very good. Some of us watched Hocus Pocus while others carved pumpkins. We ate pizza and drank soda. Afterwards, we Trick or Treated the teachers which some had Reeces. Overall it was a really good party.


During the party, our intrepid reporter Nick was on hand to ask some Thanksgiving based questions….here are his results.

What does the lab like to do on thanksgiving?

Some people enjoy their break by sleeping or playing video games, but most love to invite friends and family to eat a big stuffed dinner.  One even does a Vegetarian Thanksgiving including Tofurkey!

What movies do the lab love to watch during thanksgiving?

Everyone loves the classics such as Home Alone and the Charlie Brown thanksgiving.

What is the lab most thankful for?

Everyone loves their family, their friends, and everything in their life.  Hope you have an AMAZING Thanksgiving!


Meet our newest Teacher Mr.

Schraedley! Interviewed by Ari and Jessie

  1. Why did you become a teacher?

“I became a teacher because I like working with people, helping people, and I like having a job where I know when a student is struggling and I can help.”

  1. Have you worked in any other field?

“I’ve worked in several other fields, I’ve worked as a Architectural engineer, I was a teacher in a Military school, nuclear industry working on nuclear reactors, I worked as a manager managing nuclear waste”

  1. Do you like working at ARISE?

“I love working at ARISE. I like working with students, but I really like that I can teach students to be self-sufficient and when I can help students who are struggling, I can help when I think they really need it. It’s also more one-on-one, rather me lecturing up in the front of the class.”

  1. Why did you choose ARISE?

“The learning style here being mostly online was similar to my past teaching experience and I like being a teacher at ARISE compared to being a teacher elsewhere.”

  1. Where did you graduate?

“I graduated from Rutgers University in New Jersey.”

  1. What’s your favorite fall activity?

“That’s a really good question... Sitting in the backyard around the campfire with friends and family.”

  1. Do you have a favorite quote?

“Don't be afraid to ask questions.

Don't be afraid to ask for help when you need it.

 Asking for help isn't a sign of weakness, it's a sign of strength.

 It shows you have the courage to admit when you don't know

something, and to learn something new.”

The 44th President of the United States


  1. Do you have any interesting talents?

“I have a variety of talents; ...I can unicycle, juggle, surf, waterski, rock-climb, sing, and I do martial arts with my kids, but I’m not really good at any of them.”

Mr. Schraedley also runs the after school Game Club on Wednesdays with Mrs. Katzke.  Come have fun playing some awesome board games!

ARISE Board Game Club

WHEN: Every Wednesday (starting 11/7)

WHERE: ARISE Lab (at Franklin Middle)

WHY: To have fun!

TIME: 4:00 - 5:00 PM

  • Teachers will bring the games.

  • We’ll have a variety of strategy style games.

  • Some games will be competitive, others cooperative.

  • You can read the rulebooks and teach yourself, or we can teach you how to play.

  • Contact Mr. Schraedley if you have any questions.

  • Most games play in under an hour, but staff will stay later if some games go long (as late as 6:00 PM)

  • Come join us for some fun and games. Get to know your classmates, and learn some new fun games.


Dear Travus: The following advice column is meant for students and answered by students with the assistance of the school social worker. For any emergencies please talk with your parents, teachers, or social worker directly. An emergency would be anything that could result in someone being physically harmed. Dear Travus can be reached by emailing Travus at


My best friend’s crush just told me they like me. What do I do?


Dear Third Wheel


What I would recommend doing is to ask to talk to the aforementioned friend about it, and then come up with a reasonable solution.


A bunch of kids at school are making fun of my family because they say that we’re the old lady who lives in a shoe. What do I do?


Dear Persecuted


What I would do is talk to an adult, ignore them, or just stand up for yourself. First, you could say, “What do you care what my family does, it’s a tradition.” You could also be assertive with them.

Ari’s Movie Corner


Brother Bear 2 is a 2006 animated nature film. It is a great family movie film. It teaches you things about nature. Also it teaches you about the importance of family and friends. Friends and family can bring back old memories, but you can’t get caught up in the fantasy of old friends. You have to remember who has been there, and continues to be. It is a good movie, but I do think it leaves some things unanswered.


Rating: 8/10


Mythology with Victoria and Toryn


Have you ever wondered what the scariest monster is? Maybe it’s your friend, your teacher, or maybe even you but nothing is as the wendigo. The wendigo is a monster from Native American mythology that turns humans into immortal malevolent spirit that has a hunger for human flesh. The wendigo is said to live in the northwoods of Minnesota, the forest of the Great Lakes region, and areas in Canada. It is said to have superhuman strength and and other supernatural abilities. That’s it for this issue the wendigo maybe scary but remember at the day the scariest are only human.


Chasing the Melody

This is Rachel from the band Chasing the Melody. I am hoping to start this band and make music from the heart and soul, music that tells a story. I already have a couple of recruits. My friend Reid is gonna be the best drummer ever, he will also be writing songs, we also have Toryn as our electric violinist. We are currently looking for a guitarist, we will have tryouts. We usually plan to meet every Saturday. If you go to ARISE, and are in the band, you have to be on pace and passing, otherwise, you will not be allowed in. It has been quite difficult trying to pull together a band and get meetings set up and get in permission slips from the parents. Especially when I am having trouble staying on pace myself. I hope to have our first meeting as a band group without instruments to discuss meetings and other things on Friday, November 9th and another on Friday, November 16th. They will be held at about 11:30 and will end at noon. I hope to See all band members here at the ARISE lab during lunch time.


Computers By Alex

Everyone has a computer at home, in this article, we're going to be talking about where your files are stored at. Your files are stored on a hard drive or a solid state drive. Hard drives have been around for 30 years. Inside the hard drive there is a magnetic platter or disc that reads and writes head moves at very fast speeds.  The magnetic platter has the ability to store billions of bytes of data, it also has the option to remove data. For example, if you're deleting a picture or a game that you don't like. A hard drive is quite affordable, making it very popular to use, the only problem is hard drives don't last very long. The magnetic platter spins at speeds around 7200rpm. The reading and writing head moves at extreme speeds, to keep up with the platter. Overtime moving parts wear out, the motor gets weak for the platter and the disc gets used so much, it becomes hard for it to store files properly, fragments begin to build up. That's why we came up with a solution. We invented a solid state drive that is smaller faster and needs no moving parts. Solid-state drives are compatible with the same cables, and hardware hard drives used. So it is easy to replace a hard drive with a solid state drive.  Solid state drives are kind of like having 6 MicroSD cards but their computer chips. There's also a mapping chip a mapping chip is responsible to tell the files were the go. This chip manages your files and puts them in a good order so your solid state drive would get most performance off of. The worst part about solid state drives is that they're expensive. They're usually double the price of hard drives and the amount and the capacities are smaller. Luckily, technology is progressing, they're much more affordable now, and you can get up to 2 terabytes. So I hope you learned something about hard drives and solid-state drives.  

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